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Simonetta Carr’s series of Christian Biographies for Young Readers (CBFYR), published by Reformation Heritage Books, has been inspired by her desire to introduce a new generation to the rich history of Christianity. The books stress accuracy, quality, and fairness, focusing on God’s preservation and progress of His church and doctrines from the time of the apostles until now.

For children who are born in Christian families, well researched and accurate biographies and other books on the history of the church are important tools to help them reflect on what they believe and why. Their value, however, is not limited to followers of one religion. Christianity and Christian theology occupy much of our history and are still an intrinsic part of our society’s system of beliefs, ethics, and values. The CBFYR series of books help children to explore this vast heritage, expanding their minds to embrace various mindsets and cultures and helping them to discover more about themselves in the process.

The books include quotations of first and secondary sources to familiarize the reader with the characters and their feelings. Both the main text and a “Did You Know?” section bring to life different times and places, inspiring children to know more. The text is accompanied by masterful illustrations and colorful photos.

Presently, the series includes ten volumes: Augustine, Athanasius, Anselm of Canterbury, John Calvin, Lady Jane Grey, John Owen, John Knox, Jonathan Edwards, Marie Durand, and Martin Luther. The next book in the series will be Peter Martyr Vermigli, followed by Irenaeus of Lyon. Three of these books (John Owen, John Knox, and Jonathan Edwards) have been finalists for the San Diego Book Awards. Anselm of Canterbury has won first prize as best biography at the 2014 San Diego Book Awards, and first prize at the 2014 Athanatos Christian Writing Contest.


List of Subjects in the Series, in chronological order (with teaching themes)

(Including upcoming books)


Themes – Early church, Gnosticism, Formation of biblical canon, Persecution.

Other characters: Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Blandina and other martyrs of Lyon.


Themes – Arian controversy, Full Divinity of Christ, Persecution.


Themes – Pelagian controversy, Donatism


Themes – Conflicts between Church and State, Necessity of Christ’s Incarnation


Themes – Justification by faith alone, the Gospel


Themes – The Lord’s Supper, the Gospel, Roman Inquisition


Themes – The gospel, Church organization, Persecution


Themes – Scottish Reformation, Persecution, the Gospel


Themes – Roman Catholic Reformation, Roman Inquisition, Law and Gospel


Themes – English Reformation, the Gospel, Persecution


Themes – English Civil War, Socinianism


Themes – Great Awakening, Deism, Enlightenment, Mission to Native Americans


Themes – Huguenots, Persecution, French Revolution


  • John Newton  (1725-1807)Themes – God’s Grace, God’s Preservation, Slavery, Abolition of Slavery


  • B.B.Warfield (1851-1921) [Expected in the Fall of 2019] Themes – Reliability of Scriptures