LutherCovercolorIn 1517, Martin Luther wrote 95 troubling theses to invite his students and other professors to discuss matters of sin and repentance. To his surprise, these theses were copied, translated, and distributed rapidly from city to city, awakening similar concerns in many others. Within a few years, Luther and his writings began to shake Europe, changing the course not only of the Western church, but of world history.


“Carr leads readers into the world in which Martin Luther grew up and then served the church and his society with sensitivity to the times and places where his life unfolded.  The adventure of bringing the gospel to his people and the drama of his testimony to the truth come alive as we follow his footsteps into the heart of the German government, when he stood up to an emperor, and into his home and the joys he had in raising his family.  An excellent introduction to the life of the great reformer.”

–Robert Kolb, Professor of systematic theology, Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis

“I am a big fan of both Martin Luther and Simonetta Carr, so this book is dream come true, an author-subect marriage made in heaven.  Simonetta beautifully captures both the life and the key thoughts of Dr Martin and does so in a manner which is fast-paced and exciting.  Parents will love reading this book to their children, and children will love reading it for themselves.”

–Carl Trueman, Professor of Historical Theology and Church History and Paul Woolley Chair of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary


The Illustrator:

Troy Howell is an author and illustrator of children’s books and is known for the Brian Jacques REDWALL covers. Read more about him on his website,