“At age 20, Julia Gonzaga was already one of the most envied women in Italy. She owned large properties and her castle was a favorite meeting place for artists, poets, and musicians. She was considered the prettiest woman in the country. Yet, she was anxious and confused. She knew that God hates and punishes sin, but she ended up disobeying Him anyway, usually, she said, because she cared too much about the opinions of others. Sometimes, she would go against her conscience in order to please others and avoid offending them. No matter how much she tried, sooner or later she would put these fears and desires before God. She finally found peace a few years later, when someone helped her to understand how the gospel could both bring forgiveness and give her the power to obey. After that, she devoted her life to spreading the same good news to others.”


What a gem! Simonetta Carr has given the world another of her beautiful biographies, this time about a fascinating and courageous woman unfamiliar to many readers. Julia Ganzaga brings to life the woman and the tenuous situation for biblical believers in Italy during the tumultuous 1500s.

Glenda Faye Mathes
author of multiple nonfiction and fiction books,
including the Matthew in the Middle series for young readers