There are books about women in church history, but they mostly focus on their lives, this book focuses on the questions they asked and shows why they are important now as they were then. The women included may not have had the benefit of a thorough theological training, but they meditated on Scripture and as a result their questions are smart, penetrating, and mostly universal. Simonetta’s book will encourage you to reflect on these important issues and by delving into the treasures of God’s Word will be able to raise your own questions and discuss them with others. God encourages such inquiries, and similar questions have often started a chain reaction, causing others (including us) to think better.


I regularly teach a course on women in church history, and so I was thrilled to see this new volume by Simonetta Carr. Here are many unfamiliar names even for historians with an expertise in church history! Simonetta has recovered a number of great and stirring stories of how God has used gracious and godly women for the good of the church. Highly recommended! –Michael A. G. Haykin

Women have played a significant though often overlooked role in church history. Questions Women Asked explores how they have encouraged, corrected, and inspired men-but especially how their questions have helped shape Christian dialogue as ‘iron sharpens iron.’ Contemporary Christians, both women and men, will be challenged to ponder and discuss these questions while further questions will inevitably come to mind. –Janie B. Cheaney, senior writer, WORLD News Group