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Athanasius – Hero or Heel

I decided to write a book about Athanasius (in my series of Christian Biographies for Young Readers) because I would like to give our children a historical and theological context to the Nicene Creed they often recite in church. As soon as I started my research, however, I realized that I

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Vittoria Colonna

A couple of poems by Vittoria Colonna (1490 - 1547), translated from the original Italian. WHENE'ER I LOOK AT MY SO GREAT AN ERROR Whene’er I look at my so great an error, confused, to God the Father I can’t raise the unworthy face, but to You who for us died

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Funny Resemblance

Could there be a resemblance between John Owen (here on the right) and Robert Plant (top picture, right)? Or between Thomas Goodwin (here on the left) and John "Bonzo" Bonham (top picture, left)? You can be the judge.(Thanks to Rev. Michael Brown and Dr. Carl Trueman for suggesting this thought).

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Stages of Writing

I have just entered my favorite stage of writing biographies for children - the artwork! For those who are wondering how these books come about, here is a general idea:1. First stage - research. Tons of books and articles. I study not only the person's life, but the time period. I

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The Excitement over Christ’s Coming

I just re-read a letter written by an early Christian to a man named Diognetus. It's a beautiful letter, written in a simple, refreshing, and poetic style around the second century A.D. I always liked it for its description of the early believers as "indistinguishable from other men either by nationality,

The Excitement over Christ’s Coming2009-12-23T04:39:00+00:00

Turning in the Manuscript

Turning a manuscript to the publisher is one of the hardest things I have learned to do. It could be because I am a perfectionist. It could also be because I am new at all this and feel like I don't know what I am doing half of the time. Each

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Happy Birthday Augustine!

Today Augustine is 1655 years young. Yes, just read any of his writings, especially his Confessions or some of his letters and sermons, to see how young he continues to be in his constant quest for truth and sincere communion with God. I will celebrate his birthday with the prayer that the

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John Calvin Still Travels

About two months ago, a man contacted me from Austria. He needed a translation of some documents because he is trying to claim his Italian citizenship, which will allow him to continue his missionary work in Europe. In the course of our transaction, I discovered that he is the principal of

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God’s Encouragement

Finally, after many months of hard work, the second book in my series, Augustine of Hippo, is at the printshop! It is scheduled to be published on November 20th by Reformation Heritage Books, Grand Rapids, MI. Of course, I am very excited. The only setback has been the news that my

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Thoughts on Art

I enjoyed a wonderful sermon by my pastor, Rev. Michael Brown, on Bezalel and Oholiab and their artistry work in the temple (Exodus 31). One of the main points of the sermon was that God takes form and beauty seriously and has very high aesthetic standards. He also takes pleasure in

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