In a recent visit to a local public school, I was able to teach a class of eight-graders some lesser known aspects of Michelangelo’s life, such as his poetry and his sense of humor. We also discussed Michelangelo’s ability to wear many hats as architect, sculptor, building contractor, accountant, and art instructor at the same time. At the end of the visit, the kids wrote a portion of an Italian sonnet, following its distinctive meter and rhyming pattern.


The following are some examples of students’ sonnets:


She sits alone writing in her attic

Writing about how soon her freedom will come.

There is pounding on the door, and she knows it’s done.

The green men come, and she leaves her book frantic.

by Ashlyn B.


Sometimes I write stories- lives I can’t live

A cure for the boredom of everyday

A chance to leave here, and just fly away

To swap our lives, oh what I wouldn’t give.

by Madi H.


The sound of ocean waves is pleasure to ears

As I’m laying down with a glowing golden tan

I bury my feet in the soft, warm sand

The beautiful blue sea is now becoming clear.

by Kacey B.


When snow rules, the world’s in strife

When there is no hope, no light

the girl on fire will bring the fight

When the snow melts, there will be life

by Haley T.


Sometimes I wonder about a town without me

A town hidden and very far away

The town lost in the month of May

Dreamers and artists, in the town without she.

by Sophia S.