I was caught by surprise when Anselm of Canterbury won the San Diego Book Award for Best Published Biography. It’s a great honor, especially considering the other finalists in the same category have presented very valuable books. Winners were announced at the Twentieth Annual San Diego Book Awards Ceremony (2014) in San Diego, California.

Anselm of Canterbury has already won the Athanatos Ministry Award for Best Children’s Book.

A description of the book and various endorsements and review can be found here.

A large share of the credit belongs to my main illustrator, Matt Abraxas, for his masterful oil paintings. Artist and illustrator Joel Spector has also contributed with some lively illustrations of Anselm’s analogies and parables.  I would like to take this chance to thank once more Dr. Samu Niskanen, research fellow in history at Helsinki University and author of a new critical edition of Anselm’s correspondence, for reading my manuscript and patiently answering countless questions. More thanks belong to Paolo Golinelli, professor of Medieval History, University of Verona, Italy; Felix B. A. Asiedu, visiting scholar at Emory University, Atlanta; the managers of the Saint Anselm of Canterbury Facebook page; and many dear friends for their advice and counsel; as well as many photographers and museums for their photo contributions. The book of course could not have been produced without the invaluable work of the staff at Reformation Heritage Books.


An interview with East County Magazine can be heard here.