21 01, 2011

A Masterful Illustration


Matt (Abraxas) is outdoing himself. His illustrations of my book on Athanasius are the best yet. Here is his interpretation of Athanasius' trial in Tyre, where he had to answer to a charge of murder (among other accusations). My daughter said, "It's ev...

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19 01, 2011

More on Biographies


I have found an interesting article by Zoubeida R. Dagher and Danielle J. Ford about children's biographies of scientists ("How Are Scientists Portrayed in Children's Science Biographies?", Springer 2005), with an excellent critique of children's biogr...

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8 01, 2011

Lady Jane


I have been very selective in the choice of titles for my series of Christian Biographies for Young Readers. From the start, my vision has been to introduce not a random choice of role models, but men and women who have helped to shape the church and ...

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3 01, 2011

Athanasius – Black Dwarf?


Matt is now working on the first illustration for my book on Athanasius, and we are discussing physical features. We don't have many documents to help us with our decision. All paintings and orthodox icons portraying Athanasius were made many centur...

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25 11, 2010

The Problem with Heroes


In one of my latest posts, I wrote that children need to know that God is the Hero of history more than they need to know heroes. This is not meant as a depreciation of great men and women of church history, but as a recognition of God's hand at work

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25 11, 2010

Church History for Children


(Reprinted from Modern Reformation, July/August 2010, by permission. I am the author)As a homeschooling mother of eight, I have always found the concept of unit studies fascinating. Find a subject of particular interest to the children and incorporate the curriculum into this study. The original interest will keep the children motivated.

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16 11, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and Everyone Else


It's hard to sound impartial when writing a biography for children. It's hard enough to be impartial, almost no one is really 100% so, but it's especially hard to convey impartiality to children who seem to have an inborn, strong sense of right and wrong. Theologically, we say it's the Law

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8 11, 2010

Editing Athanasius


I am having fun editing my book on Athanasius with some children at my church. Yesterday I visited the 1st-3rd grade Sunday School class and started to read the manuscript. Since I could not show the illustrations (not done yet), I drew pictures on the board. They loved my illustration of

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4 10, 2010

When History is Unclear


Someone said, "When history is silent, folklore flourishes." I would add, "When history is unclear, imagination has a ball." At least that's the impression I get when I read some historical accounts... Illustrating children's history books (or providing information to the illustrator) can present some interesting challenges. I mentioned some in

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13 08, 2010

A New Name


I have changed the blog's name from Autosxedia (a Greek word found in a letter by Olympia Morata and translated as "words at random") to Imprints of Providence. I started blogging as a way to keep people informed about my writings and a way to collect my thoughts. Over the course

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