I haven’t been posting for a while, and there are many news regarding this series and more.

1. The next title in the series is Marie Durand – yes, finally another woman. It should be out in June 2015. As you know, my series is mostly about people who have influenced the way we believe as Christians. Women had less of an impact in this sense, but Marie lived at a time when Christianity in France was undergoing many challenges, and she stood firm. The French government forced many pastors to leave the country and a lack of pastoral care caused an increase in private prophecy and revelation. As it often happens, violence and prophesying went hand in hand. Marie’s family stayed true to the confessional teachings of the historical church, and her brother worked actively with other pastors to reorganize French churches. Once the government stopped persecuting the church, however, a new challenge arose – the philosophy of the Enlightenment, emphasizing morality over biblical truth and dismissing the miraculous and supernatural. Since the French philosophers had worked with the church on behalf of religious tolerance, many Christians felt attracted by their views. Even if Marie was mostly an “ordinary” believer, stuck in a prison for 38 years, her stand for the truth is still remembered and has influenced many Christians for centuries. For example, her resistance inspired French Christians to risk their lives to protect persecuted Jews during the Nazi regime.  The book is actually finished and is waiting for a final revision by the publisher. Matt Abraxas is completing the illustrations.

2. In 2016, we should be able to publish a book on Martin Luther – just in time for the 500th anniversary of the 95 theses in 2017. The manuscript is done and is waiting for revision. Sadly, Matt decided to take some time off as illustrator for this series. God, however, has provided another wonderful artist and illustrator. We will disclose his name shortly.

3. God willing, after Luther we will publish a book on Irenaeus of Lyons. This is a very challenging task because we only know about four or five facts about his life. Irenaeus’s writings, however, are very important for our Christian theology and I am determined to make it work. Rev. Dr. John Behr, author of Irenaeus of Lyons, has already provided some helpful advice and has generously offered to assist me in my research. Watch for the book in the fall of 2016.

4. Outside of this series, I am working on a biography of Michelangelo Buonarroti for Chicago Press for Kids. The offer practically fell on my lap, and I accepted after much time of prayer and counsel. The manuscript is due on June 1, 2015, and I believe the book will be published in 2017. I have received some help and advice from John T. Spike (author of Young Michelangelo) and Antonio Forcellino (author of Michelangelo, a Tormented Life).

5. Other titles I am considering are a book on my struggle with my son’s schizophrenia. I am planning to include my experience, and also a section of questions and answers where I interview experts, parents, pastors, etc. on this puzzling and destructive disease. I am also considering a book for children on church history. And a few more are still in embryonic stage…

Thank you for your prayers!