I have received, just a few days ago, an e-mail from Phillip Cary, Professor of Philosophy at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania (photo on the left).
Dr. Cary graciously agreed to read my manuscript on Augustine (on short notice!) and made some precious comments and suggestions. He also wrote a wonderful review for the back cover.
Phillip Cary is author of several works on Augustine, including Augustine: Philosopher and Saint, 12×30 min. tapes by The Teaching Company (highly recommended). These tapes have helped me immensely in developing the outline of my book, as they point out quite clearly the milestones in Augustine’s life and the main issues in his thought. Dr. Cary’s enthusiasm for this great man of Church history is contagious and I hope I was able to convey it in my book.
I appreciated Dr. Cary’s comments and suggestions because they were very specific. He obviously took much time to thoroughly examine each paragraph. But they were also particularly helpful because they shared the same idea that children can understand more than we often give them credit for. He said things like, “Even for a children’s book, couldn’t you…?”, or “in a book for children, shouldn’t you?”
I felt like he was next to me, coaching me along. I couldn’t ask for anything better! And what a timing! The book is being typeset right now! God is taking care of this book in spite of myself.
Dr. Peter Brown (photo on right) is the author of Augustine of Hippo: a Biography, which has been considered the standard account of Augustine’s life and thought. It’s one of the clearest books I have ever read, as well as thorough and full of useful annotations. It has been my main source of reference while writing my book.
I have contacted Dr. Brown only recently to ask him to write a review for my book. The reason why, in both cases, I wrote so late is that I never thought these great professors and authors would take the time to consider a small children’s book such as mine. Regrettably, Dr. Brown is too busy at this time, but he sent me a personal and warm reply, greatly encouraging me in my pursuits.